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  • Grant
    Service Manager

    Service managers need to be well-rounded and sensible.  Automotive service is mostly an exact science. It needs to be done right and, in order to achieve that every time, you need the right people doing it.  Grant is very proud of those in the Kocourek Imports Service Department.  Advisors and techs work smoothly as a team, easily handling routine maintenance and visits, and really showing their stuff whenever a difficult service challenge arises.  With sound processes in place, people get to work and get it done.  Now, keep in mind we mentioned Grant is 'sensible'.  Here's an example: our questionnaire asked "If you were stuck on an island, what three thing would you bring?".  Many answers included things like food, water, partners - that sort of thing.  Grant's answer? "Boat, motor and gas".  Now, that's sensible.

  • Andrew
    Service Advisor