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Community Involvement
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Keith Kocourek has dedicated his life to supporting organizations that serve people in need. He puts his heart into his community work?his contributions to the community include hundreds of hours and significant financial donations that have benefitted Wausau for sustained periods of time. Kocourek's work is centered around a handful of organizations throughout Wisconsin. 

"Keith's substantial contributions, financial and personal, could not be further removed from traditional 'check book charity,'" said Michael O'Brien, Ford Motor Company regional sales manager. "He has chosen to become a part of the lives of people who need help and has inspired members of his dealership team to give of themselves as well." 

Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Keith and his wife, Linda, have been mentors for Big Brothers/Big Sisters for nearly 20 years. His commitment to this organization led him to Charlie Sann, a little boy that Keith says changed his life forever. Charlie entered Kocourek's life when the boy was six years old. Over the years, Kocourek has watched him grow up, go to college and now work at his dealership. 

"It's funny how we started with Big Brothers/Big Sisters to help a boy that had never met his father and ended up meeting a child who would change my life forever," Kocourek said. "Charlie is truly part of our family and has been an excellent example and brother to my daughter, Paige." 

Angel Flight


Kocourek and his daughter Paige, age 14, volunteer for Angel Flight, an organization that provides free transportation to people in crisis. He uses his training as a pilot and personal plane to fly those in need. A recent mission involved flying a critically ill child to see his parents, who were separated due to their military service duties. He and Paige also make flights for the Mother's Milk Bank, delivering breast milk to hospitals for premature babies. 

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin


Kocourek has served on the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin for six years and is the current president. The charitable organization seeks to enhance the lives of people living in the Wausau area including arts, education, health and human services and preservation of historical, cultural and natural resources. He recently started a Family Fund and personally contributes to it regularly, with the hopes that his foundation will be part of his legacy long after he is gone. 

Neighbor?s Place


Kocourek has been involved in the Neighbor?s Place food drives for the last five years, and last year delivered nearly 600 bags of groceries at Christmas time. Neighbor?s Place provides help to people in need through a food pantry, emergency relief, youth services, cultural and language programs and other services. 

An Important Ford Motor Company Tradition

Salute To Dealers
 is conducted under the guidance of Edsel B. Ford II, a member of Ford?s Board of Directors. The program was launched in 2001 to demonstrate the company's commitment to its thousands of dealer principals who step beyond their showroom doors to make a difference where they live and work. 

Edsel B. Ford II and three other judges selected winners from nominees around the world based on community service activities, length of participation and personal motivation. Regional representatives for all Ford Motor Company brands submitted nominations. 

A painted portrait of each honoree will have a montage of philanthropic and volunteer activities that led to the award. Duplicates of the portraits will join a Salute To Dealers display in the lobby of Ford?s World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan for year-round viewing. 


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